How to add funds?

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    WARNING! Before depositing money into the account, we ask you to check WHICH SERVER YOU WANT TO DEPOSIT TO, in order to avoid problems in the future.​

    1. Go to your account page on our website (you can also get there from the game store by selecting "Deposit" icon).

    2. Log-in to your account. (If you do not have an account, please sign-up)

    After login you can see the options to change your account password, view your game characters on the account and top up your account.

    3. To add funds to your account, choose the server you are playing on and click “Donate”.

    4. Refill the balance of your personal account in EUR! Server rates are:

    Atlantis Poseidon [x1]: € 1 EUR = 1000 ZEN

    Next, choose a convenient payment method.

    Complete account refill by following the instructions of the selected payment system and wait for the receipt of moneys on your Atlantis account.

    5. Withdrawal of funds into the game.

    (Atlantis Poseidon [x1] Server: € 1 EUR = 1000 ZEN)

    Choose “Transfer ZEN to the game”, enter the amount of Credits to transfer from your Atlantis account and multiply by 1000 to get that amount of gold coins in the game! Click submit, and happy gaming!

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