How to download and play?

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    Go to our website.


    Click “Create Account” on the top banner of the website.


    Enter your Atlantis account login and password in the fields provided. If you do not have an Atlantis account, create one.


    Create an additional game account. Choose the server on which you will create an account, type in the username and password for your game account and then register it. (open the spoiler)



    Click “Download” on the top banner of the website.


    Click Files in the left corner of the website (expand the spoiler)


    Choose a convenient way to download.

    After downloading the game client, open the download folder (or the folder where you chose to download the archive), find the SGCQ_SETUP_SETUP_1340110.rar archive, unpack (any WinRaR or 7z archiver will do) to any convenient place on your computer.

    You will get three files: Boi_setup.exe, Boi_setup-1.bin and Boi_setup-2.bin.

    Open Boi_setup.exe.

    Install the game client.

    Open Boi_Setup and accept the license agreement and follow the installation wizard:

    At the very end of the installation, the wizard will offer you to install x86 and x64 dynamic libraries, we recommend to accept and download those as well; as 60% of the users will not have these libraries preinstalled on their computers. If you have unchecked all the boxes and have not installed these libraries, you might not be able to use the game lounge, launch the game client or to install updates!

    Installation of dynamic libraries can also be done manually from the game folder. If you see a notification of the system that > Launching the application is not possible since the parallel configuration is wrong, go to the game folder (by default the game is installed to this path (C: \Program Files x86\Battle of the Immortals Online\) find the folder -gup-, choose vcredist_x64.exe for 64 bit systems and vcredist_x86.exe for 32 bit systems and install; then reboot the system. You can install both libraries simultaneously, after installing these components, the error with the game launcher should disappear.


    You can start the game by clicking on the Battle of the Immortals shortcut on your desktop (if you checked the box to create a shortcut).

    The launcher window will open, download the updates (click to agree with the license agreement), enter the username and password specified when creating the account and start the game.

    Happy Gaming!
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