The old Zen and the new survey.

Dear friends, we are sorry that most of you left us because of the increase of Zen criteria, but we have to report that the old requirements are back in the game, and that's not all, we want to conduct a survey, this time we will weigh the pros and cons of all, and trust the majority, please tell us what to do: 1. Change music and rates on pvp of a, characters to leave. 2. To change the store and your rates, to make a wipe. 3. Leave it as it is. Best regards, the administration of Atlantis.

"My lovely Pet" contest

So, dear players, our screenshot contest has come to an end and we have one single winner who gets 45 credits. On the eve of Halloween, we are preparing for you an unusual event, we will tell you about it a little later, and in the meantime we are launching another contest called "My favorite pet". Your task will be to provide screenshots of your pet in battle in the pvp arena, as well as in raides against bosses. The most original photos will be rewarded: 1st place-50 credits, 2nd place-35 credits, 3rd place-20 credits, 4th to 10th places-10 credits. The contest will be held from 24.10.2019 to 7.11.2019.

We wish you good luck with working on this competition. Best regards, the Team of Atlantis.

Below we attach a screenshot of the winner of the last contest! We hope that you will take part in the following events!

Do you need free Zen in the game?
Dear friends, we have to ask your opinion regarding our problem, do you think it is worth removing free Zen? Answers will be offered to you in this post and on the forum website. Please write the number under the post.
1. To remove the free Zen!
2. Reduce the chances of getting free Zen!
3. Increase the requirements for obtaining Zen, that is, raise the level and power!
4. Don't touch anything!
Please all players to take this issue seriously, because only thanks to you we will be able to avoid all the problems and difficulties. Thank you for your help, with love project Atlantis!